What we offer

Airline Solutions

For more than 20 years we have been working hand-in-hand with airline executives continuously pushing the boundaries of operational decision making.  Regardless of your airline’s size, complexity, location or business model, we provide you with the right solution. As a transparent partner, we supply you with comprehensive support in the following areas of airline operations:

  • Strategic Operation
  • Tactical Operations
  • Marketing Operations

Workforce Management

Putting the right staff in the right place at the right time is a crucial factor to minimize costs and maximize productivity. iplan is our solution to workforce management, which we will tailor to your individual needs. Its main features are:

  • A modular structure
  • Automated shift planning that optimizes the criteria you set
  • Compatibility with mobile devices
  • Monitor whether the work your employees deliver meets your current requirements
  • Hosted on-site or in the cloud for one or many users

Business Operation Simulation

We use and develop a wide range of computer simulations to analyze and optimize real-life processes, for example to:

  • Analyze the throughput of a facility
  • Gauge the effect of potential process and policy changes and plan future service lines and strategic direction
  • Improve response times
  • Balance resource levels and monitor performance
  • Test alternative scenarios


Forecasting lies at the heart of strategic decision making. In order to plan ahead estimating future demand, costs or revenue is inevitable. We have ample experience dealing with such challenges and can assist you with any part of the process, for example:

  • Identification of relevant trends
  • Modeling
  • Predictions
  • Visualization of results
  • Automated reporting

Predictive Analysis & Econometric Evaluation

We live in an ever-changing world. With the growth of internet and technology more and more sources of business data are in textual format. Similarly, new mathematical methods and software tools are evolving to get the most out of both new and existing challenges. We believe in continuously growing our expertise and can support you for example with:

  • Quality assurance: Check if the data you are collecting today falls within an expected range and identify the causes of outliers
  • Revenue Scoring of Events: Evaluate how specific events drive customer behavior
  • Text Analytics: Extract key insights from online or offline texts and visualise the results in real-time.
  • Identifying the cause: Correlation does not imply causation. We can help you identify causal effects.