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Dr. Klaus-Uwe Koschnick
Founder and CEO


As a premier software and consulting company, VIA Software specializes in designing and developing innovative products and individual software systems for our customers.

Specifically, developing solutions for planning and controlling a variety of resources (e.g., employees, machines or means of transport) is one distinct focus of our work, and we have successfully executed a wide range of related consulting and development projects spanning more than 20 years. The first-rate expertise of our Operations Research team mathematicians is just one of many unique characteristics that set us apart from competitors.

At a more granular level, our projects and solutions encompass:

  • Systems analysis and forecasting
  • Web applications and smartphone apps for personnel and task management
  • Workforce scheduling solutions (e.g., for retail and logistics companies, sales and field service, call centres and shift planning for highly specialized teams)
  • Workflow management tools
  • Production planning and machine utilization controls

Highlighted projects within our portfolio provide you with a first impression of the service and deliverables you can expect from us, but we would be happy to engage in an in-person discussion about solutions to help your specific company.

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Some of our Projects


Some of our Projects

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    What our customers say

    Dr. Philipp Goedeking - Founder and CEO, Avinomics GmbH

    VIA Software has cracked many hard software nuts for us, whether complex databases or sophisticated GUIs. The cooperation was always enjoyable, the results always top-notch. The mix of aviation and operations research competence is absolutely unique and an asset for every VIA Software customer.

    Dr. Philipp GoedekingFounder and CEO, Avinomics GmbH
    Sebastian Rieckesmann - Head of Intermodal Cooperation, DB Vertrieb GmbH

    VIA Software supports us with its technical expertise to translate rail offers into the IT system world of the airlines. This enables airlines to cooperate more easily with Deutsche Bahn. Particularly noteworthy is a converter created by VIA Software that translates rail timetable data into the airlines' SSIM standard, thus turning a timetable into a flight schedule.

    Sebastian RieckesmannHead of Intermodal Cooperation, DB Vertrieb GmbH
    Rainer Herberz - Production- and Qualitymanagement, Hornung GmbH

    We have used VIA Software’s planning board software in our production area for over 10 years. The software is an important part of our production planning, and the current machine utilisation can be monitored in real-time. For future production steps, we use the simulation module, which shows the time flow of planned machine operations. Necessary changes to the respective machine status can also be taken into account here.

    Rainer HerberzProduction- and Qualitymanagement, Hornung GmbH
    Elvira Guenther - Refund Manager, Global Blue

    Our team has used iplan for staff scheduling in Frankfurt since 2014. We particularly appreciate the simple creation of iplan duty rosters and the clarity of the display—whether for planned assignments over the next few weeks or for holiday planning a year in advance. We also appreciate the wide range of reporting options.

    Elvira GuentherRefund Manager, Global Blue
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