About us

About Us

We are a software and consulting firm based in Germany that helps companies make better decisions, reduce their operational costs and increase service quality while retaining profitability. Since 1997 we focus on complex IT projects. We apply our skills in Operations Research, Data Analytics, and Information Technology to challenges throughout the software life cycle: from requirements analysis to implementation and productive operation.

Our mission

“We help decisions makers to make better decisions by providing them with optimal solutions emerged from the application of advanced analytical techniques”

Our vision

It is our vision to provide organizations with a sustainable competitive advantage in their industries by using quantitative techniques in developing our solutions and becoming the go-to, trusted provider of these solutions to organizations

Our core values


Developing and maintaining a relationship with our customers based on openness, honesty and trust is of fundamental importance to us.


Solving today’s complex problems requires constant out-of-the-box thinking. We believe continuous professional development within and outside our field of expertise is key and that our employees get sufficient time to do so.


We love what we do. As mathematicians we desire to understand, structure and solve complex problems of quantitative type. As consultants we like solving these problems for our clients and presenting them a practical, workable solution for their problem which they can control later.


We are always looking for the fastest possible algorithm, for the most suitable data structures and the most intuitive user interface design, so that you can make your decisions as easily and quickly as possible.