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Your success is our priority, we are pleased to offer our expertise to overcome the challenges of your business.

How we do it step by step

Our Engagement Model

Step 1


Together with your expert teams we analyze your needs and explore your existing tools and systems. The result of this phase is the basis for the cost estimate and our individual offer to you.

Step 2

Solution Design

We describe the process that meets your requirements, define external and internal interfaces of the system and create a plan for integration into your existing system. We define and structure the functionalities to be developed, identify central system components and develop the database design.

Step 3

Agile Development

Our team of mathematicians, IT professionals and database specialists develops the entire software. We use agile methods such as Scrum and work in iterative cycles. Each phase of the development is reviewed and, where necessary, we refine the system design.

Step 4

Deployment and Support

We integrate the software into your system, ensure functionality and accompany you during user acceptance tests. During the implementation and beyond, our competent team is always available for support requests. In addition, we also support you in the future maintenance of the system and carry out upgrades for you.


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