Designing and Implementing a Data Processing Pipeline for the Provision of Planned Costs and Revenues

Using the “Costs and Revenue Data Hub” system, we designed and implemented data processing tasks to determine costs and employ related quality assurance processes for airline planning purposes. The developed system consists of a central database fed by actual costs from all relevant data sources. Via a series of configurable processing steps—including automated time series analyses and outlier identification—current costs and forecast yields are regularly determined for planning and continuous quality assurance purposes.

VIA Software has more than 20 years of experience related to processing, consolidating and employing quality assurance and enterprise-wide provisions for all relevant airline costs. Data provided by the VIA Software system serves as the basis for short- and medium-term flight scheduling, decisions with respect to flight plan changes and operations control measures.

Are you thinking about consolidating your company’s basic data—which is currently spread across varied systems—in a central location, making it available to downstream IT systems via web APIs or other internal interfaces? Are you planning a complex software system with automated data processing steps and quality assurance integration for said data? We will be happy to support you.

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