Assessing and managing customer demand across the enterprise

The overview of the expected customer demand for products and services is central for companies with regard to planning their resources and setting the best possible prices. With a web application for the collection and evaluation of relevant parameters as part of a revenue management solution, VIA Software supported an international airline in centralising the process of data collection and further processing throughout the company.

Setting Optimal Prices (Original Proposal)


International events, congresses and trade fairs have a significant impact on the demand for travel and the willingness to pay of customers. Different scenarios arise at the beginning, during and at the end of these events. For service providers in the transport industry such as airlines, bus and train operators or taxi companies, and providers in the hotel and accommodation industry, the evaluation of this data is essential in optimising revenue management.

Our Contribution

For its client, VIA Software replaced an existing solution based solely on a data collection created with
standard spreadsheet software with a custom-built web application. All of the company’s global offices can
thus enter international event data into a company-wide database at any time, so that the information is
available for cross-company evaluation.

The application enables the automatic categorisation of events by relevance, based on an automatic analysis of historical yield data over time. And it connects to all of the client’s IT systems that process this event data. VIA Software supported the client in designing and implementing the web application and continuously adapts it to the client’s needs

Benefits for the Client

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