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Coordinating teams of experts in shift operations is a challenge for companies. In staff scheduling, the challenge is to bring together employees with their unique qualifications in such a way that the expertise relevant to a complex task is available within the team whenever it is needed. For a client, we developed a tool that optimises shift planning for aircraft maintenance staff.


When companies want to develop a new IT system, they are faced with the task of managing complex evaluation processes, selecting suitable software suppliers and finally integrating the desired solution into their existing IT infrastructure. The necessary expert knowledge and the human resources required for such a comprehensive process are rarely available in-house, so it makes sense to involve external IT consultants with the desired technical expertise – not only for requirements engineering but

Our contribution

In the context of the development of a new system for estimating price elasticities, we accompanied a customer throughout the entire process from requirements analysis to system integration and actively helped to shape the implementation process. In the process, we first collected, structured and documented the requirements for the system to be developed in cooperation with our customers. In further steps, we developed an initial data model together with our client’s experts and identified and described the relevant system interfaces. On this basis, the client was able to prepare the tender documents and select the IT supplier.
During the implementation phase, our team continuously developed the requirements for necessary extensions and system adaptations. We also managed the communication processes between the core project team, the users, the team responsible for method development and the test team. Essential to the success of the project was the special expertise of the VIA Software team, whose members are not only experienced system analysts but also have an academic background in applied mathematics

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