Visualization of Production Planning ( Variant 2 )

Project Description

For Hornung GmbH, a German manufacturer of gas pressure control valves for technical and high-purity gases, we developed a visualisation solution for planning the utilisation of production machines. The software also enables the analysis of what-if scenarios with regard to production planning. 

We have been using the planning board software in our production area for over 10 years. The application is an important part of our production planning. The current machine assignment can be monitored in real time. For future production steps, we use the simulation module, which shows the time flow of the planned operations on the machines. Necessary changes to the respective machine status can also be taken into account here.
Rainer Herberz
Production- and Quality management, Hornung GmbH

VIA Software has experience from a wide range of individual projects in the field of planning and controlling resources of all kinds. Based on powerful software components for planning purposes such as Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards and reporting components, which we have successively developed and optimised, we can quickly and comparatively cost-effectively implement a comprehensive solution that fully covers your requirements. Contact us to arrange a non-binding initial consultation.


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